World Solo Drumming Championships 2012

There will not be any recordings available on this website as the use of video cameras was restricted during semi-finals and strictly prohibited for the final.
One person was asked to leave the room after filming one competitor in the final. I’m glad I didn’t take the risk…

I hope organizers did record the final this year and will publish audio/video very soon!

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  1. Comment by @undefined | 10/22/12 at 6:22 am

    What a pity! Was any reasoning given? Was it the players themselves or the orgainsers who have the issue, I wonder. If they come out with it online or whatever and charge a fortune (unlike you, Gus), we will know the score!

  2. Comment by Alisdair | 10/22/12 at 11:25 am

    I thought it was a pity that Gus wasn't allowed to film the event this year. His recordings in the past have been of a very high quality allowing drumming enthusiasts from around the world access to this big event. As a previous overseas player it's a shame that aspiring drummers in other parts of the world cant see any videos from this years comp. Maybe a petition should be put together for next year???

  3. Comment by Jerry | 10/22/12 at 6:51 pm

    Its all about the dollar dollar bill…. If Gus wasnt charging then it wouldnt have been an issue…. Personally I do not mind paying for the videos being I live in the US and I love to watch the content as soon as it is available…. someone saw that there was money to be made and now Gus is out…. It sucks but as soon as there is money involved this is what happens…. Cheers

  4. Comment by Jerry | 10/22/12 at 6:54 pm

    There will probably be a DVD Released in the near future… Just like the Worlds… Or a CD or iTunes album… There is so many outlets that carry this content now as opposed to years past…

  5. Comment by Stephen Matthews | 10/24/12 at 8:26 pm

    @Jerry, is it a stated fact that Gus charging is the issue? Perhaps, Gus, you could confirm this? I can see it being one – especially by the RSPBA, who unlike the Worlds DVD, wouldn’t get a cash kick back. The concept of a commercial World Solos DVD is nonsense anyway. The market might extend to the competitors themselves, perhaps the odd relative of a competitor and a handful of fanatics (not even me, I’m afraid). I wouldn’t bother with purchasing on iTunes or similar, either. Given the history of the RSPBA, I can’t even see them being so smart as to have thought about it. A small market, no profit relative to the effort required to do it properly, and in Gus’ case, I’m still sure there is no ‘profit’, given the costs in time and effort of actually putting it together. It seems this is another giant fail from the RSPBA – squandering the chance to promote more widely their event, and effectively cutting off all those in distant places – like me – who has an interest, is acquaintances with some of the players, and doesn’t have the ability to attend in person. Even if attending, it’s not possible to hear ALL the players because the heats and semis are, I gather, going on simultaneously. This decision is wrong on so many levels, and I hope someone is listening!

  6. Comment by Jerry | 10/25/12 at 5:31 pm

    I apologize if Gus or anyone else took my comment the wrong way. As someone who records all the contests that I go to, I know how difficult it is to sit there and post those videos after the fact. The memory cards the tripod and the time are all expensive. I appreciate everything Gus has done and continues to do whole heartedly…

    I agree with you Steven 100%. In hindsight I believe I was just very frustrated that I cannot watch this years WSDC … If anyone has any info on where or if these videos or audio will be available please let me know.


  7. Comment by Dave | 11/03/12 at 2:46 pm

    Hi All,
    The RSPBA SUCK. How dare thay ban recording, if they DON'T bring out a dvd of the event I for one will be writing to them and make my comments very clear indeed. IT STINKS.
    When will they get in in there heads, there's more to pipebands than those awful sounding moronic pipers.

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